The Trust
Everybody's Theatre is run by a Trust. The Trust was formed in 1980 to run the community owned Theatre. It is an Incorperated Society and became a Charity in 2010.

Originally the theatre was Thorpe and Callahan's general store, which was built between 1912 and 1914.
In 1920 it was reported in the Hawera Star that
“Carpenters have commenced extensive alterations to Mr J. C. O’Rorke’s building. It is proposed to extend the building some 40 ft back. Two up-to-date shops will be provided on the frontage, and the back part is to be fitted up as a picture theatre. A large passageway between the shops will give entrance to the theatre from the Main Street.”

The stage and screen in 1921, now resized for wide screen and flat screen viewing.


  • Interim Steering Committee; Mac Culvert, C Hunt, A Harvey (Treasurer), and D Norris (Secretary) negotiating and fund-raising.
  • The Everybodys Trust is formed and Mr Leo Hickey and Mac Culvert are named as the trustees.
  • $55,000 was the agreed sale price of the theatre to the trust.
  • $20,000 was borrowed from the Bank of New South Wales.
  • $35,000 was donated through gifts and debentures from the local community. Each year debentures were repaid from operating profits, all repaid by 1994.

Tony True Pictured with one of two century Peerles Magnarc carbon arc projectors Type ‘F’. These have been in use since the 1950’s. Tony retired once the new digital projector was installed.


  • Mr L (Boss) Whiting ran the theatre until his retirement, then his son Bruce took over the reigns.
  • In 1980 Bruce tried to sell the theatre so he could retire. Because there was no interest and Bruce had decided to close down the theatre, a group of local people called a public meeting on the 23rd April 1980 to investigate options.
  • 500 to 600 people attended.


Upstairs seating. An eclectic range of seating from many different sources. Soon to be replaced with 38 new cinema seats and recovered older seats and chairs.


  • Since 1980 the theatre is run by volunteers - projectionists, cashiers, ushers, managers, cleaners.
  • Original Trustee for Everybodys Theatre,  Mr Leo Hickey, who offered to be Manager for 6 months, retires after 18 years service in 1998.
  • 1999 Ian Wither retired after 13 years as Secretary/Treasurer, but 18years total on committee.
  • 1999 Annette Wither retired after 18 years on committee.
  • 2010 - Robert Fisher passed away after 30 years actively being involved with the theatre as a Projectionist, Chairman, Committee member.
  • Kath Murray an active usher retired after 19 years in 2011.
  • 2011 Bev Henderson announced retirement after 28 years on the committee, president, cashier and cleaner.
  • Graham Dodd, a current projectionist, involved since 1986, prints the flyers for distribution at a greatly discounted rate.
  • Fred Schultz who passed away in 2014 after  years involvement with the theatre as an usher.
  • Debbie Campbell, Maree Drought, Graham Dodd, Kim Gatenby, Shane Butler, Cormack Hughson-How, Andrew Hurly and Len Pentalow are our current projectionist. 










For further information browse our website or phone Aretha Lemon 027 3837 926 or 027 EVERYBO.
Our email address is everybodystheatre@gmail.com